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People around the world keep investing their hard earned money in one thing or the other, but none has answered the question of why do they invest. They invest because they want to beat the price rise and make use of the returns in future to meet their needs. There are may avenues of investment , some assure of fixed returns and some don’t assure of assured returns. There are the bank deposits which provide high amount of liquidity and also assure you of returns, but the returns would usually be very low. On the other hand there are the stocks and shares which are risky but offer high returns for the money invested. People now a days also have the opportunity to invest in various commodities such as oil, gold etc and treat them as investments. They can make both short term and long term gins.

The type of investment that  a person chooses depends upon the risk appetite that the person has and also depends upon the liquidity that he requires. Stock markets provide greater returns because of the direct involvement of companies in them. Companies directly obtain money from public for their ventures and in return they provide ownership of the company through shares of the company the return is greater because the companies bypass the banks and get the money directly from public. buy stock market is always a gamble and that too when done in a short term of about a day to some months then it is almost a gamble, you may gain big or loose badly. If a person is buy stock market he ahs to be in it for a longtime of at lest one year. The other thing in stock market is choosing the correct stock which would give you greater, safe returns  for the money invested.

While buy stock market one has to consider a lot of factor, do a lot of analysis before buying and selling the share of a particular company. There are a number of analysis that have been developed over the years to determine various factors which would help an investor in deciding which is the right share to buy or sell. New innovations are being made in this field and there is no assured analysis that could perfectly predict the share that should be bought or sold. People usually look for the trends of the market tot determine the correct time to buy stock market in the market. The also look at the recent developments in the field of interest, economy of the nation, world before investing in the market.

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