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One may have constantly heard in the news and through other means about the stock market, the index points and a lot of other things about it, one may be tempted to invest their money in it, but may not be very sure about how the market works, how the money in it gets increased. People also have doubts about the safety of their money in the market,  and have a lot of other questions about he market too. Just after the recession people are even more concerned about investing in the market. He stock market is just a place for companies to get money from people for their new projects, developing old projects and for the money provided by the people the companies provide ownership of their company to the public. As you are now a owner of the company by holding the share you have to bear with both the losses or gains that the company makes.

Almost every company makes profit  and the profit is transferred to the share owners in the form of dividends , bonus shares etc. the biggest source of capital for almost every company in the globe is the online stock market. In the past the stock market was being run just as any other market, people used to shout their bids for the shares of other and the dealings weren’t as transparent as now. In the recent years the stock market has made of use of technology and has become more investor friendly and has high degree of transparency. Te main source behind this transformation is information technology, internet and automated systems. Stock markets have introduced trading screens and trading portals through which investor could do hi transactions online even with out having to go out of his house.

All he needs  is a computer, with an internet connection and a demat account to access his shares. online stock market trading has taken investor’s role in share markets to a new level of high, people are investing more and are trading more, this is mainly because of the fact hat they are able to look at what is happing to their shares almost every day. They are confident about he money that they have invested in the market. The turnover rates in the markets have increased dramatically over the years after the introduction of  online stock market. One of the issues in stock market is the settlement and people are never comfortable of it and there is a speculation that the brokers are making use of the time required for the actual settlement and are making money out of the customer’s stocks but with online trading settlement is done almost the net day and hence there are no such complaints and people are happy about it too.

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