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For the new investors, stock market might look like a place of confusion – with all the clatter and the conventions involved on the trading floor. This Stock market guide will give you a basic idea of the stock market and its rules and regulations.

Introduction: You can find many ways to enter the stock market but it depends on the size of your capital and whether or not you want to be a hands-on investor. An amount of about $5,000 or less is able to get you started. If you plan on trading actively or picking stocks for long-term investing, the first step to ahead is to open an account with an on-line broker. Alternately, you could sign up with an investment adviser at your local bank, a financial planner from a brokerage firm. Another option available for you is to invest in mutual funds or exchange traded funds that focus in individual sectors.

Purpose: This stock market guide will enable you to understand the purpose of Stock Market. The purpose of Stock exchanges is to bring buyers and sellers together on fair and equitable terms. In a stock exchange you will find issuers in need of capital to the marketplace and prequalify their suitability to raise funds by reviewing the companies' balance sheets and ensures that they meet all exchange and authoritarian rules.

Understand the Stock Exchange Index: Though it is not possible to give you all the information about Stock Exchange Index through this stock market guide but I will try to endow you with as much information as possible. It might not seem obvious at first but there is a difference between a stock index and a stock exchange. The Index is a weighted average of several stock prices whereas an exchange is a physical location and associated electronic equipment where stocks are bought and sold.

The NASDAQ started as a listing of over-the-counter small-cap stocks, and became prominent as the first electronic trading system. It is the leading North American exchange for tech-related companies. The NASDAQ exchange constantly receives the most intraday volume of any stock exchange in the world. On the other hand NYSE Composite Index, NYA, deals with the performance of all common stocks listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Whilst most of these stocks are incorporated in other indexes, such as the Dow or not all the stocks in those indexes trade at the NYSE.

Things to consider while buying Stock: People invest in Stock Exchange to earn profit and it requires a lot of understanding about the terms and the rules regulations of Stock Exchange. There are things you need to consider while buying stock, you can not just go ahead and buy anything that is available. When buying stocks or company shares, do not haste but take time to research the investment, develop a strategy of when to sell stocks and when to buy. The best way would be to find a brokerage that is registered.

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