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The History of the Modern Stock Markets

Due to the development of globalization of economy, no single country is now satisfied with their own resources to boost up own economy.
So for the development of social economy one is depended on another to build up a potent and solid economy.
As a result, companies from one country may invite and can get financial support from those from other countries and also get support from savings group of people all over the world.
Ultimately global stock exchange has been developed and it is a constant flow of international money is used in the markets all over the world.
In these days, although it is hard to imagine a world without a global stock exchange market, most of us do not know the stock market history of this modern global market of stocks. We know very little about the growth and development of this market over the years.

By understanding the past stock market history and ongoing operation of stock market, we can anticipate our future prospects to take the real course of actions.
If we want to know the stock market history, is found that the first market was operated by some people of Medieval France, through a small bank to manage and regulate loans to some small farms. One man was responsible to manage the loans and making trading to each other. This unit of debt operating task force became pioneer as the first broker house.  In the 13th century some low income generating countries began to set up effective stock exchange system called “Burses”( derivate from the word  “purse” ) and began to operate businesses in  Bruges, Antwerp, Ghent, and Amsterdam.
Within the middle of the13th  century, the Bankers of Venice, Italy started trading in Govt. securities effecting to rise capital for Venetian Empire. This idea was next spread to many cities of Italy.
In the 1500s, some companies from the Netherlands gave the idea to enlist for international trading, who proved themselves as significant colonial holdings all over the world.

In 1602, the Dutch East India Co issued its first shares in Amsterdam Beurs. This is the first time in stock market history a company issued its shares of stock. The Amsterdam Beurs became first stock exchange house for continuous trading. Within  17 -18 centuries, the Dutch traders  developed the system of Short selling, options trading, debt-equity swaps, and also other features of modern trading.
By the 18th century, the modern Stock Exchange Markets were developed with some limited technology, which was not suitable for globalization.
Now the technology has become developed and modern stock market has developed and making operation system globally.

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