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Understanding the Stock Market Quotes

To make an intelligent investment in a stock market, we need to understand how to read the stock market quote or table. We will now try to discuss the 12 columns that comprise the said stock quote.

The first two columns simply represnt the week's highs and lows. The highest and lowest prices during the week for the stock can be viwed in these columns.

The name of the company and the type of the stock comes in at column three.

A common stock usually does not have special symbols or letters after its name. Different types of shares are usually represented by different symbols or characters after the company names. The unique alphabetic name for a company or the ‘ticker' appears at the fourth column. This ticker is used to state the latest stock price for a company.

The fifth column of the quote consists of dividend per share. Here we can find the annual dividen payment per year. In case of a company that does not pay dividends in the current period, this column is left blank.

Dividend yield is indicated on the sixth column of the stock market quote. This yield is calculated by dividing the annual dividends per share by price per share.

The seventh column shows the price/earnings ratio. This ratio is obtained by getting the stock prices of last four quartes and dividing that value by earnings per share of last four quartes as well.

The trading volume appears on the eighth column. The total number of traded shares that day is shown by this volume.

The ninth and tenth columns indicate the stock's day highs and lows. The price range that the stock has travelled that day can be seen here.

The close is indicated at the eleventh column. The last recorded trading price for the stock on the market closing is depicted by this column.

The last or the twelfth column represents the net change of the stock. This indicates the stock's dollar value difference in stock prices from the previous day's closing price.

The internet readily provides us with stock quotes these days. These online qoutes are more convenient because they are constantly updated throughout the day and therefore, gives us the up to the minute information. In order to become a successful stock market investor or a trader, we need to understand and read the stock market quote or table in a correct way.

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