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An Understanding about the stock market:

Before you join the battle, here are some key steps to build an understanding of the stock market. One of the greatest fences into making money in stock market and the securities trading is learning to use the terminology that experienced traders are so fluent with.

These few steps will help you get a grasp on the stock-trading vocabulary.

Learn about the fundamental stock-trading terminology by looking up a stock on just about any news service. You'll get to know the term “share,” which is one unit of a company's stock and the “market capitalization” or “market cap” of the stock that represents the total amount of stock the company has sold. Also pay close attention to the 52-week range, which is the important term for the spread between the stock's highest and lowest amount over a year.

Do not forget to read a preface to stock trading and securities either online at a site like Wealth Effect or in a book such as “Trading for Dummies.” These resources will let you know the meaning of the terminology and stock trading vocabulary in addition to an understanding of the dealings between things like the “Buy Rating” and “Sell Rating,” mutual funds and the various financial ratios people use to rate stocks.

Get onto financial information or investing forum such as “The Motley Fool forum” where you can start speaking in stock-trading language as you ask questions or even respond to the questions to others, in order to use the vocabulary. Stay open for correction in your usage in order to improve your stocking trading terminology.

Get into the Stock Market and do some stock trading since only by buying and selling stocks will let you use this specific vocabulary or find the exact definitions of words you don't know. Online services like Charles Schwab or TD Ameritrade will help you trade stocks with no obligations to minimum investment and very small service fees.

Tips to understand the stock market:

  • Do get to know about ‘equity securities.' Being an equity investor, when you buy stock you take the ownership stake in a company and presume a corresponding degree of risk.

  • As discussed above learn the stock market language, get familiarize with such financial terms as ‘price-earnings (PE) ratio,' ‘margin,' ‘option,' ‘earnings per share' and ‘leverage.'

  • Scrutinize the holdings of some successful companies dealing with mutual-fund, noting which stocks they have held and dumped over the past few years.

  • Research about the companies that you have personal information of and a high degree of confidence in. Go online, dozens of companies offer financial news, advice and analysis online.

  • For the initial few weeks try investing on paper and monitor the performance of your would-be portfolio carefully before you actually start dumping down your money.

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