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The New York Stock Exchange is located on the Wall Street in Manhattan and is the largest U.S. dollar value exchange in the world. In this article we have tried to share facts, history and careers in the largest USA Stock Market.

USA Stock Market came into existence in the year 1792; it started with people exchanging certificates at a common meeting place for George Washington. Soon thereafter, technology became a key feature. Railroads became the leading stocks, predicting the explosion of technology-driven companies in the late 1800s. The Exchanges began to use the cable in 1844 and the stock ticker in 1867 to pace up communication and order dispensation.

In 1869, all the listed companies were banned from issuing shares in secret. This and other improvements cultivated what we now call “transparency” and built assurance in the uprightness of the trading procedure. During the 20th century, the trading of USA Stock Market grew from a few tens of thousands of shares daily to millions, then hundreds of millions of shares. October 10, 1953 was a red-letter day because it was the last time when less than one million shares were traded. In the 21st century, the NYSE is growing to create an international stock market that shows the growing globalization of commerce. Now into its third century, the New York Stock Exchange is the world's largest securities market. It is much more than the trading floor located at 18 Broad Street in the city of New York.

In the twenty-first century, NYSE has become the center of a global network of stock exchanges and other securities markets. If you are serious about investing, you'll find it useful to know about the NYSE, its scope and how it functions.

The New York Stock Exchange is nothing but a marketplace for shares of stock in the organizations it lists that are purchase and sold each day on its floor of trade. Similar to other stock exchanges, it brings companies seeking capital in concert with people who have money and looking for investments. It serves a vital role in this regard by endorsing liquidity for stocks, enabling companies to raise the money to enlarge and uphold economic growth.

The New York Stock Exchange is the world’s biggest stock exchange, with over 200 million shares traded daily on an average as of 2006. NYSE has listed about 2,400 stocks, plus another 1,200 European stocks as a result of its union with Euro next that was completed in 2006. The merger made the NYSE the first interrelated network of securities exchanges. It includes the Paris Bourse, London Stock Exchange, options trading on the American Stock Exchange and a variety of other securities exchanges in several other countries.

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