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Wow The Dow!: The Complete Guide To Teaching Your Kids How To Invest In The Stock Market


Whether you're a novice stockholder or a seasoned investor, you can teach the next generation of stockholders how to invest successfully. Creative, practical, and full of savvy financial advice, Wow the Dow! is a family-oriented guide to the workings of Wall Street that shows parents how to start investing in the stock market with their children and encourages kids to think intelligently about money.

Cofounders of Stock MarKids,™ the nationally affiliated parent-child investment club, Lynn Roney and Pat Smith explain the important aspects of the stock market and provide parents with easy-to-follow advice for introducing the exciting world of finance. Complete with games, exercises, and real-life profiles of successful child investors, Wow the Dow! covers:

  • The basic concepts behind investing
  • Teaching your children how to read stock quotes and understand business news
  • Building an appropriate portfolio with stocks your kids will pick
  • Creating strategies for making investing fun and profitable
  • Where to go online for stock games, investment sites, and financial resources
  • The advantages of joining an investment club

    With its commitment to educating kids and encouraging them to find new and creative ways to invest, Wow the Dow! is a must-have handbook for every parent.

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  • 5 Responses to “The Dow!”

    • Rob Lundholm says:

      Review by Rob Lundholm for Wow The Dow!: The Complete Guide To Teaching Your Kids How To Invest In The Stock Market
      “Wow The Dow” is an easy to read book geared toward showing parents and children how incredibly easy it is to invest in the stock market. Not only will this book strengthen your parent child bond but you will be amazed at how easy it is to invest in the stock market. Inside there are easy to read graphs, games, puzzles and too many other neat little side bars to mention. The side bars themselves make great reading. The best part about this book is that it teaches adults and children that you don’t have to be Bill Gates to be an investor. In fact, you can begin your investment portfolio with less money than you spend buying this book. Being a stock market novice myself, this book taught me how to identify companies, learn everything about the company and most important, how and where to buy their stock. It also stresses the importance of not using a full commission broker to do what you can easily do yourself for a fraction of the cost.After reading this book, I find myself very hesitant about unwise spending. I now have a little voice in my head that is saying, “If I invest that $1.05 that I spend at WaWa for coffee, every morning, and I use that money to buy one share of EMC every 6-9 months, and the stock does a two for one split every Spring, how much is that coffee really costing me? ” I don’t have any children, but I can only imagine where I would be today if my parents showed me how easy it is to start investing in the stock market when I was 10, 7 or even 4 years old. This book uses true life scenarios where one of the author’s daughters invested two thousand dollars when she was a small child and now that money will more than cover her college education.Do yourself a favor and read this book. Although this book is very new, it won’t be long before it’s on every coffee table in America.

    • Ron says:

      Review by Ron for Wow The Dow!: The Complete Guide To Teaching Your Kids How To Invest In The Stock Market
      I made a mistake when I read the reviews. I forgot to look at how old the reviews are before buying the book. They are all dated in 2000 or 2001. This book needs to be updated. It is interesting but note that the suggestions are over six years old. There are better ways now to buy and sell stocks. The authors suggest going through a certain company to buy stocks in your child’s name. It is much easier just to buy them through an online broker and tell your child that those particular stocks are for them. (You can even create a separate account and tell your child that this account is their account.) Plus, there are now online brokers that will do trades for free (limited number per month). The book does have some helpful concepts on getting your child interested in stocks, but some are too time consuming. Today’s Internet-savy child knows that she can easily get the charts and graphs for free from online brokers. She does not have to spend hours trying to create them herself. Instead, she should spend that time researching the companies. I’m half-way through the book. I’ll come back and write more when I am finished. Oh, and I should note that the quality of the printing is not very good. It took my eyes a while to adjust to the small font. …. I never did finish the book. I found other instead.

    • Anonymous says:

      Review by for Wow The Dow!: The Complete Guide To Teaching Your Kids How To Invest In The Stock Market
      This is the type of book I wish I had when I first became interested in investing. It is so elementary that I can actually understand what the stock market is all about, and how I personally can benefit from getting myself educated about investing. What’s more my teenage daughter is learning about investing and investment clubs and students from her class are getting together weekly to talk about the stock market, using this book as a guide. This is a wonderful book to introduce kids and teenagers to investing.

    • kim says:

      Review by kim for Wow The Dow!: The Complete Guide To Teaching Your Kids How To Invest In The Stock Market
      I found this book to be extremely helpful in decoding a very intimidating topic. The forum in which the book was layed out made for an easy and exciting read. I finally feel comfortable and adept to invest, in addition to having various resources for doing research. I highly recommend this book and have bought several copies for friends and family with and without children.

    • David Tropeano says:

      Review by David Tropeano for Wow The Dow!: The Complete Guide To Teaching Your Kids How To Invest In The Stock Market
      This is one of the easiest to read and understadn investment books I’ve ever found. Teaching children the value of long-term investment and money is a wonderful gift to give anyone. Adults will find the clear explanations, sound advice, and tips on getting started no matter how much you have to be valuable as well. This and Jason Kelly’s “Neatest Little Guide…” series are my favorite introductory investment books.

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